IsoFlow™ Flatbed Dispenser

The original IsoFlow™ Flatbed Dispenser can typically produce 6,000 tests per hour. In the most popular configuration the test and control lines are dispensed with LCP nozzles while an atomizing nozzle simultaneously delivers the conjugate to the conjugate pad, as seen on the left.


  • Dispense 1 to 8 different reagents simultaneously. Each reagent dispensed is controlled independently.
  • Dispense rate set digitally from 0.01 uL/mm to 10 uL/mm.
  • Carriage speed set digitally from 10 to 300 mm/second.
  • Dispense onto membranes up to 500 mm long and 120 mm wide.
  • Completely digital operation. No micrometers or pressure regulators required.
  • Minimum spacing between nozzles is 5 mm (standard), 2.5 mm with custom designs.
  • Internal vacuum source to hold down membrane.
  • Low dead volume - approximately 100 uL of which 60 uL can be recovered when dispensing is complete.
  • Universal Power Supply - 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 150 watts
  • Small foot print (33 cm wide by 66 cm long) and light weight (13 kg).


Weight : 13kg
Size : 66cmX33cm (H)
Voltage : 220v/50Hz or other

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