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Jansee Biotech is the technology and knowledge driven enterprise,offering integrated services in Biotechnology and diagnostics.

Establish May, 2005 by Jasbeer Singh

We provide higher and collaborations for the product and services of our customers and business associates in functions critical to their success. We stand to lead our business through productivity, performance, creativity, technologies and operating practice.

Strategic Sourcing

By Strategic sourcing we leverage the value addition to our customers through geographical positional strength as well as advantage of technology expertise. It’s the whole system of creating and generating the business possibilities and value at the same time,through cost effectiveness and quality product deliverance.

Customer Synthesis

Customer Synthesis is an expertise service we offer from our biotech diagnostics divisions and it is very significant part of our business at AMBALA. We assure you about the quality deliverance to your requirements , through highly skilled and experienced personal. We provide the service to research production based global Biotech and Diagnostics Corporation.

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