Programmeable Strip Cutting Machine

Strip Cutting Machine is a programmeable shear which cut web cards and laminates into desired width.


M-80 M-100 M-120
Cutting speed of 80 strip/min Cutting speed of 100 strip/min Cutting speed of 120 strip/min


This machine is run by an inbuilt microcomputer which can be easily programmed by a 16 jey keypad and LCD display provided on the Front panel.

  • Keyboard entry for strip width definition.
  • Allows one cut at a time to check size.
  • Top cover with safety switch
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Hardened alloy steel blades
  • Emergency STOP switch.


Weight : 40kg
Size : 44cmX35cmX33cm (H)
Size : 44cmX35cmX33cm (H)
Voltage : 220v/50Hz or other
Cut Width : 1 mm – 12 mm (programmable)
Max Card width : 120 mm

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